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Foreign electrical appliance firms swarm China's rural market
Foreign household electrical appliance firms are keen to tap the rural market in China, as the country's subsidy scheme to encourage purchases of white goods in rural area has strongly boosted appliance sales.

The Ministry of Commerce on Thursday revealed the results of the public bidding for licenses to sell in the country's rural areas.

Air conditioner maker Daikin won the right to sell two models, one priced at RMB 3,499 and one at RMB 3,350. Samsung will sell 25 air conditioner models at prices up to RMB 5,999.

Chi Mei, entering the rural market for the first time, will sell seven TV models priced between RMB 2,190 and RMB 5,190. Five different Samsung LCD TV models ranging in size from 26 inches to 40 inches will be available at prices ranging from RMB 1,999 to RMB 5,999.

Sources predict that the government-approved prices for household electrical appliance sold in rural areas will mean profits for white goods giants. read more : http://www.hj-iron.com  


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