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Steam Iron Terminology

The higher the wattage the more powerful the irons will be.

Soleplate Finish
Stainless steel gives smooth gliding and distributes heat evenly making ironing quicker and easier.
Ceramic soleplates are extremely durable, non-stick and provide easy glide.

Steam output

The more steam output, the quicker and easier the ironing will be.

Burst of Steam
Burst of steam gives you an extra steam surge, allowing you to tackle particularly difficult creases.

Limescale build up can damage your clothes and can also reduce the irons ability to generate heat. Anti-scale prevents limescale build up and also helps extend the life of the iron.

The Anti-Drip feature prevents water dripping from the soleplate when ironing at low temperatures. It helps protect clothes from water marks and stains.

Auto-Shut Off
Auto Shut off is a safety feature which automatically switches off the iron when it has been left unattended.

Variable Steam
Allows steam output to be adjusted to suit different fabric types/crease levels.

Vertical Steam
Vertical steam allows you to use the iron like a steamer, to steam out creases on hanging garments. Ideal for use on curtains.

Steam Generators
Steam generators offer the best results in the shortest amount of time. They allow you to generate a more powerful and constant level of steam, resulting in faster ironing and easier crease removal.


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